mandag den 31. august 2015

BELAMI ONLINE: Belami Orgy with Jake Harrer

BELAMI ONLINE: Belami Orgy with Max Ryder

BELAMI ONLINE: Kris Evans & The KinkyAngels

Few people embody the BelAmi of today then Kris Evans & The KinkyAngels so bringing them together was an obvious match made in heaven. In the first part the boys decided that they have some unfinished business with Kris and invite him to our Budapest office to enact a little plan they had. After a BJ orgy ensues, Kris decides that he wants a bit more from our KinkyAngels and lines all their butts up in a row for some extended rimming before proceeding to fucking them all, each in a different position. Minimum 10 loads of cum in this massive 2 part spectacular exclusively at BelAmi